Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November CF Clinic and Family Update

Miss Rach mixing the cookie dough.

So, Rachel had clinic the day before Thanksgiving.  Of course we had to make fall/Thanksgiving 'ish goodies.  Clinic went well with only one change; she's going up one enzyme.  We met her new pulmonologist.  He came to the door and said, "Hi, I'm going to come see you."  Without missing a beat, Rachel says, "Oh hi,...who are you?"   That girl just cracks me up - never a dull moment. 

Rach posing with the "turkey" cookies.
She so proud of how they turned out.

Turkey cookies.

Baby pecan and pumpkin pies.

The goodies we took to clinic were homemade chex mix, turkey cookies, and baby pecan & pumpkin pies.  Rachel had some news she wanted to share with clinic.  We used the baby pies to help tell the news.  Rachel announced to each member of CF clinic that she's going to have a baby sister!  Rachel is so excited for her sister to get here.  May 1st is the due date and all I hear out of Rachel is how that is going to take forever!

Baby sister.

Friday, November 16, 2012

My Little Tahitian Dancer

Before the performance.

Rachel's been busy taking a few classes through parks & recreation.  Sadly, they are coming to an end.  Last night she had her Tahitian dance performance and just let me say "It was so cute".  I suppose now we'll have to hop back on our bikes and find some hikes to do until the next round of classes start up!

Rachel dancing her solo.
One of the two group dances.

The group Rachel learned Tahitian with.
All the girls were good.

After the performance.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Colorful Way to Kick CF Butt

Nice and clean in our white shirts.

Saturday, November 4th, was the Oahu Color Run 5K.  I explained to Rachel that we wear our white shirts, go through color stations to get sprayed with color, and finish the run all colorful.  She was pretty excited.  Rachel did a great job run/walking and we had a blast experiencing something so fun together. 

Coming up on orange...first color.

You bet we had bandanna masks.....
gotta keep the dust out of those lungs.

Rach getting into the orange.

Into the blue.

Rach pushing through.
Look at how colorful her shirt is becoming.

Time to walk a while.

Yellow is next and somehow I failed to get
pics of the pink station.  Oh well.

I think she was looking at somebody getting
dumped with a whole lot of yellow.

After the run.
We'll be doing it again next year.
Just look at that face.