Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Great Strides & CF Surf Day

Rachel and a few of her friends
at her poster along the walk route.

Saturday was the Great Strides walk and it was a pretty good day.  All my friends showed up early and ready to help.  Maria from the CF Foundation was here and what a relief that was for me.  I didn't have to do nearly as much and it was helpful to have another person to answer questions. 

My team "Rachel's Rangers" raised the most.  We raised as of today $5,619!  That's simply amazing if you ask me.  It's the most my team has ever raised.  I'm moved by the generosity of everyone that donated their money and time to our team and this walk. 

Below are a few pics I took with my camera. 

Rach trying to convince me
she needs a rest.
Didn't work!

Star Wars gang

I'm pretty sure Russ
pushed a few kids out of the way
to get in line first!

Me, Russ, Rachel with
Dr. Doan

Rachel and the Mucus Mob
(Tripler's Great Strides team)

Mom's ....
Where we had lunch after the walk.

So good....tastes like I was eating at my mom's house.
This is good Southern cookin'.

Rach and me
she's give me lots of good lovin's

Sunday was Mauli Ola Foundation's CF Surf Day for CF.  Rachel loves going surfing with these guys.  Well, actually she loves surfing with Kala Alexander and Gavin Beschen, to the point that she'll wait until they're available.  The surf event was at Queen's Beach in Waikiki.  We got there a little before nine and signed in.  Mauli Ola gave all the participants gifts.  They are so generous.  Rachel (and I feel the same way) was happy with the surfing, but they went the extra mile and gave everyone with CF participating a gift box. 

Below are a few pics to show how special and fun the day was.

The surfers

Kala and Rach
I know she's happy!
...and in good hands.

Rach up on the board.
With Kala.

Rach trying to help Kala paddle.

Looking at Rachel's hand gestures...
there's to telling what she's saying.

Rachel and Kala

Rach and Gavin
He's got her shirt here.

Rach and Gavin
She's getting a little better.

Look at her! 
She's got it perfect here!

Rachel getting a Hawaiian healing ti leaf.

Rach and a Hawaiian medicine man.
(I think)

We ate lunch at Hard Rock Cafe Waikiki
after surfing.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Clinic Visit & CF Education Day

Rachel had clinic Wednesday.  It was a great check-up for her.  She grew and gained 3 pounds.  Her pfts are fantastic.  While it was a great check-up, we were kinda sad because her pulmonologist is p.c.s.'ing (military talk for moving).  He has been her clinic doctor for over 4 years and has done a fantastic job.  He seems to know her well and she has grown to be very comfortable with him.  Because we knew he was leaving for a few months we made him some going away gifts (a denim rag quilt, photo album, watercolor painting and some candy)....and we took the whole CF clinic team goodies that were CF related because May is CF awareness month.  It's our way to show appreciation to them for helping to keep my sweet Rach healthy.

The denim rag quilt we made her doctor.
We found out his favorite color is hunter green.

Rachel made this watercolor blow painting.
We felt it was a cute CF related art project.

Rachel turned out to be
a very good cupcake decorator!

I found these pretty red rose
cupcake liners.

Our "65 roses" made from
Hershey's Hugs & Kisses! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Calm Before the Storm

It's 4 days until the Great Strides walk and all is calm.  I love calm but it's a little unsettling.....I can't help but feel there's something I need to do.  I keep going over my "to do" list but I won't have anything Great Strides related to do until Thursday.  That's when the chaos will start.  Thursday I meet with Maria from the CF Foundation, Friday we have CF Education Day that the Tripler CF clinic team is hosting, Friday night I have a PA system to pick up & then going to blow up a few balloons, Saturday is the walk (I'll be up before the rooster crows), and Sunday is Mauli Ola Foundation's Surf Day for CF.  Whew!  I'm exhuasted just thinking about it.  However, Sunday should be nice, fun, and relaxing.  I did forget to mention that Rachel has clinic Wednesday and then gymnastics after.  Oh man...forgot I have cupcakes to buy bake tomorrow.  All nervous energy aside....I know it's going to be great week and I will have to remember who it's all for to keep me going! 

working on Great Strides
putting the storyboards together

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kiss My Grits

Tonight after Rachel's gymnastics, we ate place that for some reason we just now found out about.  A Southern cookin' place that someone Russ works with recommended. Let me just say...."Oh My Goodness! It was great!"  Let me also say that, there are two reasons, I'm posting about it.  #1 - it's my blog and #2- Rachel had no problem getting her calories in tonight! We had fried chicken, barbeque, fried catfish, biscuits & gravy, fried okra, hush puppies, deviled eggs, cole slaw, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, and yes - sweet tea.  In my opinion, the only other place I've tasted good sweet tea on this island besides, well... my house.  To top it off, this joint - hole in the wall - place has the cutest name.  Can you guess what it is?  Kiss My Grits  If you live here on Oahu and like southern food, you really ought to try this place sometime. 

They even served pimento cheese! 
Bless their heart.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Outrun CF.......Triathlon!

We just participated in another super fun Outrun CF virtual run/race/event.  Of course, we certainly couldn't just run.  We raised the bar and had ourselves an Outrun CF Triathlon.  Oh....it was so much fun.  We went to Hickam AFB to do the running and swimming portions.  We picked Hickam for a few reasons...1. it was close to where Rachel does gymnastics (yep, that's right, Rachel had an hour of gymnastics before we even did this event)  2.  it has good running paths and the ocean here is good and calm  3.  we needed a few groceries  4.  we needed some lunch before we started. 

Here's how our day went.  Of course, after getting ready, doing treatments, and eating breakfast, we took Rachel to gymnastics.  After an hour of gymnastics, we got some lunch from the food court on Hickam.  Once we were fed, we found our running path.  We jog/walked 2 miles.  Along those 2 miles, we saw mongooses, red birds, and butterflies.  After the 2 miles, we were eager to get to the beach, jump into the beautiful water, and start the swimming portion of our triathlon.  We swam and played there for 40 minutes.  I knew we were keeping Rachel active in the water when she came out and wanted to wrap her towel around her and lay across my lap.  Next, we headed to the commissary to get a few groceries.  While we were shopping, we saw not only a friend but another CF momma friend!  Small world, huh?  We chatted a while before finishing up.  Once we had our goods, we headed home.  We chatted about our final portion of our triathlon......biking!  One of our favorite things to do.  At last, we were home.  We put the groceries away and then Rach and I headed out on our bikes (Russ still needs to get one).  For the final leg of this event, we biked 2 miles.  We biked through the neighborhood to a spot where you can see the ocean and then back.

We had a busy, fun-filled, CF butt kickin' day!  Like, just about any other day, I'm so proud of Rachel and her determination to keep herself strong and healthy.  So, for our Outrun CF triathlon, Rachel went 4 1/2 miles plus the hour of exercise she got in gymnastics.  She is just simply amazing to me. 

Go get em' Rachel!

Rachel Outrun CF Triathlon
"Let's Do This!"

Russ and Rachel


Rachel and Russ

Rachel and Me

Russ and Rachel

Rachel and Me
after swimming

Me and Rachel



Friday, May 11, 2012

Great Strides Honolulu ....Around the Corner!

It's right at two weeks until our Great Strides walk.  There have been a few kinks in the road with planning this year, but God is good and He is making it all work out!  I still have errands to run and pick-ups to make but I'm feeling confident it's going to be a great event.  My fundraising is going absolutely fantastic.  I've raised more than I ever have....what a blessing that is.  The more money that is banked puts the CF Foundation that much closer to a cure and therapies to make life easier to those with CF.  If you can't make it to Honolulu May 26th to our Great Strides walk, we'd love to have your support in our fundraising efforts.  Our team is Rachel's Rangers, we have a fundraising goal of $5,000.  We are up to $4,606 so far.  Thank you for your support in our efforts to raise money to one day, hopefully soon, find that cure for CF.  I also ask, if you would include Rachel in your prayers, that will mean the most to us. 

Rachel's Rangers