Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Arizona Trip

We had the best time on our trip.  We really enjoyed seeing Aunt Chris, GG, Gramps, and Nana.  We did lots of "touristy" things, hikes, fun kid stuff, Great Strides and hung out around the house a little.  We did so much that I'll just let you see how much fun we had by looking at the pictures.

Beautiful catus in bloom in
Aunt Chris' backyard.
Heading up the trail at Pinnacle Peak.
GG, Aunt Chris, Nana, Rachel, Gramps
GG, Rachel, Nana, Gramps
Rachel hiked the entire trail!
I'm so proud of her.
1,300 feet in elevation gain
3.5 miles round trip
Rachel's "Yay! I did it!" pose.
End of the trail....but still had the journey back.
In Old Scottsdale.
She's silly.....holding hands with the fake old man.
The candy snake from the Candy Corral.
At Crackerjax.
Getting a golf lesson from Aunt Chris.
At Crackerjax.
At Crackerjax.
Even GG drove a go cart!
At the Phoenix Zoo.
Getting her camel ride in.

At the Phoenix Zoo.
Graffe feeding.

Great Strides AZ.
In our HI shirts.
Walking Great Strides.
Doesn't she look so cool.
Rach getting a massage after the walk.
English Rose Tea Room
GG, Aunt Chris, Rachel, Me
A little chest therapy multitasking.
Playing Nintendo DS
while keeping her lungs healthy.

Sunset in Scottsdale.

Cacti galore.
Walking trail area near Aunt Chris' neighborhood.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gonna Spread Some Aloha In Arizona

I know - we just ain't right!
   Rachel and I are headed to Arizona to visit family and I get to meet up with some other folks in the CF community.  I'm so excited. Rachel is so excited, too.  We've been packing our bags for weeks now.....just so we won't forget anything.  We've been cleaning like crazy, just so we will have a nice clean house to come home to.  Every time we went to the commissary, I'd pick up some Hawaiian treats to bring with us.  Today we hit the swap meet at Aloha Stadium for some more Hawaiian gifts.  I think we may just have it all covered.  I just know our trip is going to be a blast!  Look out AZ....these crazy gals are headed your way.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How We Do High Fiber

After seeing this beautiful rainbow,
the commissary trip had to be good.  Right?

   Rachel is getting to where she has occasional, u-hem, problems with her belly.  She has been prescribed Miralax and while it's definitely helpful, I thought I change how she eats.  I've researched fiber and high fiber foods and have found it fairly easy to incorporate into our lives.  Many foods have added fiber (though I've read it's best to get the fiber when it's naturally in the foods). 
   Rachel needs about 25 grams of fiber a day.  With some practice and having her try high fiber foods after high fiber foods, we have a few winners!  I thought I share the foods that have been a hit with Rachel (age 6). 

Rach thinks she'll enjoy the commissary trip
in the jet!
Kashi offers lots of options for high fiber.
This has 6 grams per serving.

Rachel LOVES these. 
9 grams fiber per bar.

High Fiber Foods - Kid tested by 6 year old

Oroweat Healthful Nuttygrain Bread - 5 g. per slice

Eggo Fiber Plus Calcium Waffles - 9 g. per serving (2 waffles)

Kashi Blueberry Waffles - 6 g. per serving (2 waffles)

Toufayan Low Carb Low Fat wraps - 8 g. per wrap

Kellogg's Krave Cereal - 3 g. per serving (3/4 c)

Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate soft baked cookies  - 4 g. per cookie

Kellogg's Fiber Plus chewy bars - 9 g. per bar

Barilla Plus pasta - 7 g. per serving (1 c uncooked)

Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats Little Bites Cinnamon Roll flavor - 6 g. for 47 bites/pieces

Kellogg's Special K cracker chips - 3 g. per  serving (27 chips)

Cheerios - 3 g. per 1 c. (my daughter likes them fried in a small amount of butter, drain, & add salt)

medium apple with skin - 3.5 g.

broccoli - 2.3 g. per 1/2 c.

corn - 5 g. per ear

blueberries - 2 g. per  1/2 c.

chick peas (garbanzo beans) - 7 g. per 1/2 c. - (hummus dip would be good too)

navy beans - 7 g. per  1/2 c.

peanuts with shell  - 2 g. per 1/2 c. or 1 oz without shell

sunflower seeds/kernels - 2 g. per 1/4 c.

orange (with membrane) - 2.6 g.

small banana - 2 g.

peas - 3.5 g. per  1/2 c.

kiwi - 2.3 g. each (no skin)

baby carrots - 2g per 5 carrots

 *When unsure of the fiber content (or other nutritional info) of a food, I find that going to the Calorie King website is very helpful.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Great Kid Equals Happy Mommy

Rachel had gymnastics on Wednesday and a lot of times we eat supper out after gymnastics.  This Wednesday I (Russ was out of town) treated Rachel to one of her favorite restaurants, Dixie Grill.  I figured it'd be fun and a nice treat to celebrate her recent promotion to the next class in gymnastics.  We sat outside.....Rachel loves to sit outside to eat and play in the sand box while we wait for our food.  It was just a regular kinda night for us.  I did notice at one point there were two naughty boys in the sand box.  And by the way, calling them naughty is being nice! Later when we were getting ready to leave, this man and his wife stopped me just to tell me how well behaved Rachel is.  I told them "Thank you. I appreciate that."  Boy do I love hearing that.  I have to give some of the credit to that book I'm always raving about Parenting Children with Health Issues.  I read it when Rachel was just a baby and got a lot of great parenting tips.  If you haven't read it, I strongly recommend it. So anyway, back to my topic.....Rachel.  Hears to my sweet "Southern Belle" Rachel.  Gotta love Rach!