Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fun with Bubbles

Nice... Aloha Shaka!

A while back I saw this breathing bubble exercise/game on a blog.  I can't for the life of me find it so I can credit the source.  Anyway, basically this was save an old nebulizer tubing, get a big bucket or bowl with a liquid solution (I used bubble mix and added a little water or you could use water and dish washing liquid), and then you let your child blow away!  If your child is anything like mine, you may want to emphasize the blowing OUT part.....good thing I put red food coloring in her bowl. 

I guess she thought I had her too far away!

I told to see if she could make the bubbles
"bubble" out of the bowl. 

Also, this is just a fun thing we do in addition to Rachel's prescribed plan of care.  So, please, don't get the idea that I would use a $2 bottle of bubbles to replace my child's chest therapy regime.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

MIA A While!

firmly planted on the beach

It's been a while since I've posted here or at my recipe blog.  We've been a little busy....well, um, living the good life!  I know, I know,...but you're just going to have to come to Oahu to smack me!

Other news besides basking in the sun and having the Hawaiian trades blow through our hair, I had a birthday.  Rachel wanted to treat me to a beach picnic;  oops... more of that.....don't hate me because I live 2 miles from the beach.  It will only last until the next Army assignment.  Anyway, back to what we've been up to.  Rach and I had a birthday beach picnic.  She was so sweet to me.  She sang "Happy Birthday" 4 times and helped me look for beach glass.  I had a great birthday.

Rach & I enjoying our Subway on the beach
over some girl talk

Rach found this & gave it to me
something that falls off a tree

Other things we've been up to?  Rach has been biking an awful lot.  Really, she biked 48.5 miles in January and has biked 20 ish so far this month.  Rach and I have been going some by ourselves and some nights we all go as a family {Russ, Rach, me, and the two dogs}.  It really is a lot of fun. 

it's nothing for this soon to be 6 year old
to bike 3 to 5 miles
I sometimes have problems....
I'm the one on foot

Rachel had CF clinic yesterday.  Everything went smoothly - from the moment we stepped into the peds clinic to the time we left.  Absolutely no run around.  I was happy about that.  What's way more exciting than that is how Rach's appointment went.  She grew, she gained almost two pounds, and she blew the best ever on her PFT.  She blew 129%!  At her November appointment, she blew 118%.  It's the exercise.  I tell you one of the best things that ever happened in regards to Rach's CF care was stumbling upon this blog "Run Sick Boy Run".  The blogger, Ronnie, was/is such an inspiration and it is paying off for Rach. 

While at Rach's appointment, the doctor told Russ and I about this toy called the Blow Blaster.  It's a Nerf style dart gun that you blow the darts out.  The doctor said that it would be a good breathing game.  Rachel was glowing after I got it for her and told her that the only reason she got it was because the doctor said she should have it.  He didn't really say she should have but I thought he might score a few points with her if that's what she thought. 

target practice

...and getting good!

Right before we left clinic, I left them with the goodies we brought.  I had attempted to make these cute heart shaped mini pies.....too much work for not that great of taste.  I ended up whipping up some mini pink cheesecakes that I just happened to have all the ingredients for (failed to get a pic) and some pink heart shaped Rice Krispie treats; again had all the ingredients (succeeded in getting a pic!).  Rachel had some cute Valentine's to give to everyone. They were so cute (again, no pic).  Maybe if we got our butts off the beach, we could get more done? 

So, you are all updated on us.  Don't you feel so privileged?  hehehe

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Ok.  Well, it's been a while since my last post.  All I have to say is "More Computer Crapola" has happened.
Anyway, I wanted to share a humorous fyi.  Here it is.....if you or your CF'er is in need of her toes being painted - refrain from the toe nail painting until AFTER chest therapy!  ha I was trying to save time and paint Rach's toe nails while she was doing chest therapy and well, it was a challenge with all the shaking going on.  I did mange to keep the polish on her nails, though.