Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Why Does She Take Pills When She Eats?"

Jada with a beautiful smile.
Rachel smiling with a green bean in the space
where there was once a tooth.

   Yesterday was a state holiday and schools were closed.  Rachel had a friend over for a play date.  They got into just about everything.  You would of thought I was back in Tennessee and a tornado came through the house.....well, maybe just upstairs.  They had so much fun.  They played Barbies and dress-up.  They played in Rachel's play kitchen and played house.  They did hair and nails in the OoLaLa Salon.  I promised the girls I'd take them to the playground, but it would be after lunch.  So, that brings us to lunch.  Neat ...how I led us right there, huh?  I had both girl's plates and drinks ready, but of course there were pills out at Rachel's plate.  The girls sat down and blessed their food.  Then Rachel's friend, Jada asks, "Why does Rachel always take pills when she eats?"  I pause for a minute and almost tell her.  Then I think, "Maybe I should give Rachel the opportunity to tell her friend.  I know she's capable."  So I say, "Rachel, do you want to tell Jada why you take these pills?"  Of course, if you know Rachel, she says, "Ok!"  "Jada, people with CF have trouble digesting their food and that's why they have to take enzymes."  I couldn't have said it better!  I only followed up with "Those pills are called enzymes."  Rachel's sweet  friend then says, "I have to take vitamins, nose spray, and cough syrup...I don't like the cough syrup."  How sweet of her trying to relate to Rachel.  I was so proud of Rachel.  She was more than happy to explain it to her friend and is not ashamed or embarrassed.  In our house we get up in CF's face and let 'em have it!..........That's how we roll!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Working on Great Strides

   It's 2 months until the Great Strides walk.  I'm still planning and trying to get light refreshments donated.  I have one of my best friends helping me.  She is so awesome and don't know what I'd do without her!
   My fundraising is going great.  So far, I'm at $3,496.  I'd like to raise a little more.  The CF Foundation has made so much progress this year.  I get chills every time I think about it.  I know that the cure is on the verge of being a reality. 
   If you don't have a charity you already donate to, we'd be so grateful if you chose the CF Foundation.  Roughly 90 cents of every dollar goes straight to the cause.  You can donate to our team Rachel's Rangers (by clicking here) if you like or by clicking the "Great Strides" picture on the right side of the blog.  You get an emailed receipt for your donation. 
   I'm beginning to get excited about our walk again.  It's a lot of work and many times I get lost in the stress of the planning.  I'm trying to keep visions of last year's walk in my head.  It was so much fun. 

Posing next to Rachel's storyboard.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My "Grown Up" Six Year Old

Showing off her new smile.

   Rachel and I are going on a trip to Arizona next month to visit Auntie, GG, Gramps, & Nana.  We're both really looking forward to it.  We love it when we get to spend time with family and we've never been to Arizona.  I've already started packing some for Rachel (she has so many clothes...it's easy to do!)  We talk about our up and coming trip quite a bit....from how much fun the plane ride will be to what we might do once in Arizona.  Rachel is really hoping she'll "see a snake with it's mouth open....close enough to get a picture but not close enough to get bit!"...her words.  Of course, I followed up with "Well, I hope not!"  Anyway, talking about our trip and packing, Rachel "reminds" me to be sure to pack her enzymes because she doesn't want to get a tummy ache while on vacation and not to forget chest therapy.  Do you know what a happy Mommy this makes me?  Not sad or heartbroken, but HAPPY!  I'm thinking that maybe Russ and I ARE raising a responsible little girl.  That's exactly what I want.  I just love her. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

100 Miles!

   Rachel and I have been riding bikes up a storm lately.  We have the best time riding together.  We race each other, ride through sprinklers (if were lucky & find some on), chat with each other, look for coins, and are just down right silly at times.  We used to bike about 2 to 3 miles about 4 days a week.  It seems here lately we've been going more 4 or 5 miles.  In fact yesterday, we went 6 miles.  Speaking of yesterday, Rachel hit a "biking" milestone.  A milestone that would have come sooner if we hadn't had a week of rain.  Grrr.  She hit the 100 mile mark! - 100 miles starting in January.  To celebrate, we biked to the ice cream shop and each got a scoop.  She was glowing when I told her what we were celebrating.  I'm just so proud of her.  I love this fun time together that just happens to be great for her lungs.

of course she's smiling....we're getting ice cream!
seated on a tree root
enjoying every chocolaty spoonful
yay for 100 miles & ice cream!
back on bikes to finish our ride

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chili Cook Off Fundraiser

1st, 2nd, & 3rd place chili prizes
   Our/my first chili cook off fundraiser was Saturday the 10th.  Can I just tell you?......"It was so much fun!"  I had been wanting to try something a little different, something a little more fun than the usual Great Strides kickoff. 
   For planning this event, I got most of my ideas from Chica and Jo.  Whoever Chica and Jo are, they really know there stuff when it comes to hosting a chili cook off!  I only used a few of their ideas/resources and I thought my chili cook off was a success.  I had several guests comment on some of the printables from the Chica and Jo site. 
   We had right at 20 guests.  I charged $10 to enter chili and $5 to eat.  We had 8 chili's plus mine (I didn't enter the contest).  I rounded up 3 guests that didn't enter chili to be the judges.  We used voting ballots from Chica and Jo, gave each vote a number value, and then totaled it all. 
   I also had a "CF" related contest.  It was guess how many pills are in the bottle.  I also had a picture frame set out with a pic of Rachel and wrote a little about CF and Rachel. 
   I really loved the chili cook off.  I didn't have to spend so much on food, it was fun, it raised money & awareness for CF and did I mention it was fun!  Oh, and speaking of raising money...drum roll....for a small chili cook off of 20 guests.......we raised $240!  Many of the guests donated more than the $5 or $10.  Not too shabby if you ask me.  I think it sure beats the usual kickoff event.....the one that I have to fix all the food/drinks and we don't raise any money.   You better believe I'll be doing this again next year!

I dont' know where my head was, but I failed to get good pics.
I had a cute display inside on the island with cornbread, butter
chili fixin's, hot dogs wrapped up cute, hot dog condiments, and corn chips.

one of chili tables

one of the chili tables

guests hangin' outside

my gal pals hangin' out in the kitchen.....
where the dessert is - yea, we're the smart ones!

Rach and some friends

my same pals....I'm just in there this time
you can sort of see the food station/display

of course you know she's still gotta get that
chest therapy done....but in true Rachel fashion!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rachel Turns Six

Sea Life Park - Oahu
Rachel turned 6 the end of February.  Time really flies....."there is no way she is six!"  To celebrate, we had her party at Sea Life Park.  It was so much fun.  The party goers saw all the shows, got to pet and feed a dolphin, and got to feed turtles.  There was pizza, drinks, and the cutest dolphin shaped cake.  It was just an amazing day having fun.....celebrating Rachel and her awesome life.  I'll let the pictures tell how our day went.  Aloha! 

Sea Lions

Sea Lion that danced for us
at the Ocean Theatre
Artist Sea Lion
at the Sea Lion Show
Michael Jackson Concert
at the Sea Lion Show
Rachel and Her Dolphin Birthday Photo
The Birthday Cake.

Eating the Birthday Food.
The Usual Reaction from Rachel When I Have the Camera.
Her Beautiful Cross Necklace from
Aunt Christine and GG.

She Was Very Excited to See It Was the OoLaLa Vanity.

We Gave Each Other a Make-Over at
Rachel's OoLaLa Salon!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Just 2 Wheels.....And Racking Up the Miles!

She's so proud.

   Just over a week ago, Rachel informed me that she wanted to practice on her little bike without training wheels.  One of her friends recently learned and I believe they've been talking about it at the playground.  If I had to guess, I'd say her sweet friend was encouraging.
   So, last Friday after school, she practiced on her little bike. She was a bit wobbly but very excited and determined.  She practiced for about 30 minutes and then had to stop to get chest therapy done before church.  Saturday was her totally awesome party.....which I need to blog about.  Sunday, her birthday, she practiced again and was beginning to get it.  Monday she got it!  She practiced after school and got it.  She learned to ride without training wheels in 3 thirty minute sessions.  When I say she learned to ride,  I really mean she learned all by herself.  Russ and I didn't help her other than giving her verbal cues and instructions.  Oh my goodness, she was so happy, she was glowing for days and kept saying, "I can't believe I can ride without training wheels!". 
   After practicing in the alley, we ventured out on our bikes to continue racking up the miles and so Rach could get that first long ride in on 2 wheels.  Of course, all I heard the whole 3 miles was, "I just can't believe I learned to ride with just 2 wheels!"  It was cute.  I'm happy I finally got a bike.  It is so much fun riding together.  It's good exercise for both of us and it's the perfect time to chat about stuff. 
   Rachel has been keeping a log of her biking miles.  The log started January 1st.  To date Rachel has biked 95 miles!  She biked 48.5 in Jan., 37 in Feb. & 9.5 the first 2 days of March.  The day we reach 100 miles, I have plans of us biking to get ice cream to celebrate.  Shhhh, it's a surprise

Practicing in the alley behind the house.

More practice.

Taken a few days before learning to ride on 2 wheels.
She still has to learn on this bigger bike.
Biking together is a fun, special time for us.