Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Rachel

Today we were waiting for Rachel's Tahitian dance class to start and this lady came up to us.  First, she started chatting about the girls' blue eyes.  Rachel quickly said to the lady, "I like your necklace."  It was a beautiful cross necklace.  The lady turns to me and says, "You're raising your girls right. You really are doing a good job."  I thought how nice and said, "Thank you.  You must have talked to Rachel before."  She said that she had and that Rachel has always said very nice, sweet things to her.  I'm not writing this post to brag about Rachel but I wish I had a dime for every time someone went out of there way to tell me what a special, sweet, thoughtful, outspoken, kind, caring girl she is.  I really feel that God has a special plan for her.  Every time she meets someone new, she treats them like they are already a friend or family.  She is always trying to do kind things for others in need.  Currently she's been helping me come up with ideas for fun things to get for the kids in the pediatric ward at Tripler, she's helps me pick out food to take to the food pantry at church, with much thought tries to pick out the perfect stuff to go in the Operation Christmas Child boxes because she knows that small filled shoebox will probably be the only gift that child gets for Christmas, and she even puts her own money in the donation boxes at the grocery stores check out lanes. Rachel prays for everybody she knows (especially if they are going through something) and many times doesn't even pray for herself.  You would never know she's fighting her own battle against CF.