Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Fun

     We started off the summer with Amelia's first birthday.  We had a baby's first birthday luau at a private beach.  It was so much fun.  It was kind of like a party for Rachel too, since most of her friends came.  A few weeks later we had the Great Strides Honolulu walk.  We (Rachel's Rangers) raised over $3,000.  I was pleased with that since I really didn't put much effort into my fundraising.  That night we (the girls and I) flew to NV to celebrate my sister's college graduation.  Mom also flew out.  It was so nice to see them both and do fun things together. I took Rachel to Sacramento to visit where she was born and see the first place she lived.  She seemed to really enjoy that.  We also met up with some of our CA friends.  While in NV at my sister's house, I took the opportunity given to me and did a little farm/desert photo shoot of the girls.  A few days after returning home, we put the house on the market.  Let me just say, "That's a chore!"  Once the house was listed, we all got sick.  Rachel's illness was going away so,I took her to the doctor.  It turned out that she had a sinus infection.  That's a first for her.  After everybody getting healthy, Rachel and her friend have been taking swim lessons and Tahitian together.  It's been busy, busy, busy as usual. I've posted a several pics of some of Rachel's summer fun.

Fun in the sprinkler on our little
patch of grass.

Amelia's hula girl b-day cake.
We had to have Barbie auditions;
our first choice was too tall!

The birthday girl.
Lucky girl to have a party
at such a beautiful place.

Rach out with all her friends.

Enjoying her birthday cake.

Great Strides
By her storyboard.

Great Strides
Cooling off with Aloha Pops.

Amelia took over my Aloha Pop.

My sis the graduate.

All of us together.
After, we treated her to lunch.

My Rach

She really wanted a picture with hay in her mouth.

If Rach wasn't in the house,
she could always be found with the horses
or goats.

Collected the eggs.

One of many pictures taken in the
beautiful desert.

Another Rachel in the desert pic.

In Sacramento at Fairytale Town.
We met friends here.

The first house Russ and I bought.
Rachel's first home.

Pigmy goat born when we were at my sister's. 

Amelia like the goats too.

Going for a ride with Aunt Teresa.......
somewhere on the farm.

Amelia got a little horse action, too.

A common sight.
Always finding Rachel there with the horses.

My sweets!

Cousin Phillip taking Amelia for a ride.

Phillip on his horse.

Rachel; happy as a clam....atop a horse.

Sister's enjoying a ride together.

PVC sword fight with cousin Phillip.

Last and roasting marshmallows. 
My babies.
Just love them.