Monday, April 14, 2014

"Hey, Jessie!"

Debby Ryan's
dressing room.

On April 3 Rachel got her wish granted.  She got to meet her favorite actress, Debby Ryan (from the Disney show "Jessie").  The Make-A-Wish foundation granted Rachel's wish.  In addition to meeting Debby (& actually the entire cast of the show), Rachel got to do many other activities; going to Six Flags and iFly Hollywood were her favorites.  Rachel is very thankful and thrilled that she got this once in a lifetime trip/opportunity.  
(I couldn't put any photos of Rach with the cast because they were filming the season finale & it could give it away.)....after the finale airs I'll post some more pics.
Thank you Make-A-Wish Hawaii, it's volunteers, & everyone else that made Rachel's wish come true. .... ..
Dr. Edwards for the referral, Emily & Kale'a (Rachel's wish granters;they were perfect for Rachel), Dave and Buster's for the awesome send off party & amazing gifts, Hawaiian Airlines for the fantastic in flight shows, dessert, & cockpit tour, Anthony the LA limo driver that gave Rach a cuddly teddy bear, and the LA Make-A-Wish greeter for meeting us at the airport & the nice gift.

Emily & Kale'a
Rach's wish granters

Gifts from Dave and Busters
send off party

Jessie set

In the elevator

"Tony" the doorman

in the "screening room"

Central Park

Empire Skate Building
Central Park

Jessie's bedroom

Jessie's bedroom

Ms. Kipling

iFly Hollywood
Universal City

iFly Hollywood
Universal City

Eating at one of her favorite restaurants
"The Melting Pot"