Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mauli Ola Surf Day

Saturday was our second Mauli Ola surf experience day for CF this year.  It also was the last day for Mauli Ola's surf days for this year.  We are so lucky to have them come twice a year.  If you've never heard of Mauli Ola Foundation please check them out.  There is a link here on my blog and in this post, just click on Mauli Ola
Today's post about the event is mostly in pictures, but there are just a few things you must know.
First, Gavin Beschen was of Rachel's favorites.
Second, Kala Alexander was there.....the other of Rachel's favorites.
Third, she wanted to surf with both of them! 
Unfortunately, this day she didn't get to surf with Kala, but she did have a blast "slidin' on waves" with Gavin.  They surfed alongside sea turtles "honu" and under a rainbow.  This surf day Rachel began to get the hang of standing with no help.  She was so proud of herself. 
So, without further ado, I'll let the pictures tell the story!

Getting a lesson from Gavin.

Heading out to "slide on some waves".

Heading out.

On their first wave....a success!

Another of the first wave.

Paddling back out for more.  Gavin surfed with her probably
probably 45 minutes straight.  She was lovin' it!

Rachel had to be in heaven.  Surfing - under a rainbow -
with Gavin - with honu.  

A perfect Hawaiian day.
Rach and Gavin are out there. 
 The tiny grey speck near the right side of the rainbow.

Catching another one.

And another.

She's trying so hard.

High fives to another Mauli Ola surfer.

Up by herself!

Balancing all by herself.

No Gavin hands!  She's getting it.


They stopped a moment to watch another surfer.

There's no telling what they're talking about. 
It is Rachel after all.

Gavin Beshen Mauli Ola cap. 
One of the gifts to Rachel from Mauli Ola.

Of course; she had to make sand angels.

My sweet Rach.

You didn't think we'd leave without seeing
Uncle Kala!

Mauli Ola Foundation
Group pic of the foundation staff, volunteers, and participants.
Thank you,
once again,
Mauli Ola.
You are awesome!
You have become our ohana.....
and we love you guys!

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