Sunday, March 1, 2015

Change is Coming!

North Shore
watching big waves
    After waiting months, we know where our next Army move will be.  It's bittersweet because we've been here just over 7 years & have made so many memories.  Rachel just celebrated her 9th birthday with her BFF's on the beach.Yes, I'm sad to go but excited to be closer to family and friends & be back in the country!
   In just about 2 months, we'll be back on the mainland (that sounds so awkward for me to say).  Let the anxiety of having enough meds on hand, going through the airport/airplane with medical equipment, roaptripping & treatments, and....oh, let's throw in a toddler into the mix because you know I love a challenge!
   As for now.....our 2 months left, we are in full blown "act like a tourist" mode.  We have beaches to visit, fishing trips to plan, scenic hikes to explore, dolphins to swim with, turtles to visit, etc!

Mermaid in "da pool".

Makapu'u Lighthouse hike

Whale watching
Makapu'u Lighthouse 

Makapu'u Lighthouse
she still has school!

Learning about the body.

North Shore
watching big waves

Having fun at the beach.

Beach Birthday Party

She's nine. sweeties!

She loves volleyball.