Saturday, August 13, 2011

August Clinic & Our Celebration Hike

Rachel had clinic Wednesday, August 10th and it was another great one.  Her growth and weight gain.....again - not an issue. (snicker)  No gut issues this time.....miralax and increased fiber diet - working like a charm. sweet loves's lungs!  She blew 115% and 118% on her PFT's!  (pulmonary lung function test)  She is amazing.  This clinic visit was the shortest one I believe she's ever had.  We were in and out in an hour and a half.  Sweet!  But before we headed home, we left the goodies we had for the clinic team. 

Mmm.  Chocolate Truffles
I was telling my friend Shanee about Rachel's clinic and she asked what we were doing to celebrate.  I said nothing.  I hadn't really thought about it.  Later that night I kept thinking "we should celebrate, Rachel works hard and we should celebrate". 
Soooo, the next day we went on a 4.5 mile hike with some friends.  Is there a better way to celebrate great lungs?!  Put those suckers to work!  Right.  After all, that's how she's gotten where she is with her PFT's. 
It was a great day of celebration.  We were out with some of our friends hiking beautiful Oahu.  It was a perfect day.

Aiea Loop
Of course there's a silly face.
Go Rach Go
Simply beautiful
Muddy = Happy
The water looked so refreshing at this point!
I'm very thankful there are no snakes in Hawaii.
Yea, we ruined more shoes! 

I wanted to give  HUGE thank you to
 for inspiring us to get moving!


  1. Wow! I can't think of a better way to celebrate either!!! I must say again that you may have the cutest little girl on earth and I love looking through your photos. Great job at clinic and keep up the AMAZING work!!


    PS - And thanks for the little shout-out at the end, it means a lot!!

  2. Yea for Rachel and for you! I know those results didn't just happen they reflect the time, love and creativity you put into making treatments as pleasant as possible.