Thursday, September 8, 2011

Homeschool Kindergarten

first day of Kindergarten......
and in Aloha attire

Rachel is now a Kindergartner.  It's been just over a month now.  It's going good except for the getting up early part!  We were both spoiled with sleeping in.
Our typical day is : get up, dressed, brush teeth, etc. - go downstairs, have a little juice, Rachel takes a couple hits off her inhaler and two sprays of nasal spray - start up chest therapy and breathing treatments - Rachel takes her pills then has breakfast - school starts (Bible, phonics, math,) - snack break - school starts again (social studies, science, handwriting) - lunch - recess/exercise - last part of school (art and/or music) - school's over - Rachel is free to play & I'm free to do housework (oh, joy!) or..........
we go only two miles down the road, plant ourselves in the sand, soak up the sun, and splash around in the ocean.
(yea, that's more like it!)

working in one of her school workbooks

craft - trash can made from giant cheese ball container

art - homemade play-doh

recess/exercise - she loves kick-ball

activity - snack math

science experiment - volcano

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  1. Can I go to your school? Looks like you are being awesome mom again and making Rachel's school experience totally fun.