Friday, August 31, 2012

Coolest Homeschool Exercise!


This is what I like......
Not having to share the beach with anybody
except the locals!

As of today, Rachel has completed 25 days of school.  I make sure she exercises every day at least 45 minutes, but I shoot for an hour.  Exercise is one of her subjects.  The way I see it, it is just as important to her as math. 

Now, since you know you I'm a, uhum, a really cool mom (I'll probably maintain that status until she's a teenager), Rachel has been getting to do a lot of snorkeling.  It's about a 20 minute drive for us to get there but it's worth every minute.  We like to go to this place where the locals hang out.....and when I say locals, I mean the sea turtles, honu. 

We go snorkeling 2 or more days a week.  I prefer mornings before school but if that doesn't work out we go after school and just get to stay longer!  Rachel has made up a game of "chasing fish".

Ok, so back to the honu.  I love honu.  The are so darn cute, peaceful looking and I think they look quite graceful in the water.  We snorkel here knowing the honu are around all the time but still, I get startled every time one comes by....especially from behind.  The honu are not usually aggressive but it is a wild animal and you never know. 

Rachel gets startled also....especially when she's chasing fish and is only looking at the fish she's chasing.  I watched her swim circles around a honu and had no idea it was there.  When she did see it, she screamed....kinda different to hear your child scream underwater.  The second time a honu came past us without us knowing, it snuck up on us from behind (you know, what I really don't like), went past me and right under Rachel as she was chasing fish.  Again, you could hear her scream. 

The honu are endangered and you are supposed to keep a distance from them.  Having said that, the pics below of honu were taken as they came by/past us while snorkeling..... so Rachel can chase fish! You can't always see them coming....remember how I get all freaked out from the behind approach.  Also, the water is a little cloudy sometimes and you can't see them coming until they're several feet from you.  So, unless the honu is coming right toward us I just float, get my pics and let it pass.  Rachel and I do not follow them,  I want the honu to know that I one of those respectful humans!  I get so annoyed at people that rush up and huddle around the honu; getting way too close. 

Anyway, enough about that.  Rachel has been getting great exercise and having a blast doing it.  I 've been having a blast, too.  I'm not really sure who's been enjoying it more. 

One last thing before the pics.  In the future, regarding posts, you'll get to see how we've been attempting roller blading!  It's a work in progress, so don't hold your breath for that post!

Rach says, "Aloha!"

Looking for her first fishy to chase.

We like these fish.
We saw a several other colorful ones but they were deeper
than I wanted to take Rachel.
It's so beautiful.

I believe this was the one that came right toward us. 
Like it wanted to play chicken.
I don't play chicken, so I grabbed Rachel
and we scrammed!

Head shot, too bad I was going for a body shot!

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