Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Flu Shot Twins

Flu Shot Twins
Today was the day for.....dun dun dun.....the flu shot.  I told Rach last night about the flu shots.  Of course she was less than thrilled.  I told her that after we got all poked we'd go play games at Fun Factory.  I like to give her something to look forward to, just like after CF clinic.  We always do something fun or go to Rachel's pick of restaurant for supper (as long as she's not picking Ruth's Chris or some place like that!)  Anyway, back to flu shot.  So, we drive to Tripler, park in freakin' Tennessee, and take a 10 minute walk to the clinic.  Everything goes smoothly.  Rach picks to have the flu shot in her left arm.  I told her, "Since you picked your left arm, I'm going to pick my left arm just like you!"  I held Rachel's hand to help her be brave and she held my hand to help me brave.  After we noticed we looked like "flu shot twins".  Cheesy, I know....but hey whatever works, right?  Can you believe that neither one of us got a sticker!?  That's just wrong.  hehe  Oh well, we left and played games at Fun Factory and never even missed the stickers. 

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  1. Great job or turning the dreaded flu shot into fun! No sticker? For real, I do believe this warrants a letter or complaint!