Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm a Slacker

     This past year has been so, hospital visits/admissions, homeschool, after-school activities, holidays, making craft sets/gifts for Tripler's pediatric ward, and then lots of visitors.
     I've been busy, yet a slacker in doing my part for the Great Strides walk.  Really I'm so fed up with CF and had begun to get burnout with the whole planning of the walk that now I'm not interested anymore.  I'm still fundraising but only half@ss!
     If there was ever a time for me to be happy about getting the walk together it should be now.  Now, that a friend has taken the reigns and I don't have all the responsibility.  All I have to do it send a few emails and make a few phone calls.  That's it!  Easy....I know. I just don't want too!
    I think I need a break.....a break from being so involved with any CF related events.  I will still go but I want to just show up and enjoy the festivities......Like everybody else does....CF'er, CF parent, or not.
    I have mostly enjoyed organizing the walk and have definitely enjoyed watching it grow.
    Anyway,, that's my rant.

Rach at GS 2013
with Star Wars characters.

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