Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our "Beginner" Waterfall Hike

Last Saturday, Rachel and I decided to go on an adventure.  We really haven't been exploring the island lately and we were long overdue.  So, I Google'd "hiking Oahu" and of course I get tons on sites.  I picked the one called Hiking Oahu.  There were several hikes listed on the site.   I settled on one that we haven't done and that said it was an easy, beginner hike.  At the end of the trail, there is a waterfall and you can swim there.  I'm thinking, "That's great!  We'll hike and then splash and play at the waterfall." 

So, next, I start getting directions and make sure I have a pretty good feel for where it is.  Then, I pack our backpack of water and towels.  At last, we hit the road.  We were headed to Maunawili Falls Trail.  It's on the windward side of the island near the Koolau Mountain Range (I think those are the correct mountains). We're so excited. 

We made it.
  Ok, so, we made it to the trail and started our adventure.  Little did I know, it was definitely going to be an adventure. Also, at the trail head, there were warning signs for leptospirosis.  I'm thinking, "What, the web site says you can swim at the waterfall?"  I had to break the news to Rachel that we wouldn't be swimming here. She was pretty bummed.

Rachel at the trail head.
 This is what the hike started out looking like (below).  I'm thinking, "Yep, this is an easy, beginner hike."

The first little stretch of the trail.

Oh, how my thoughts quickly changed.   We got just a little ways and it got ugly.  There was mud and lots of it...the kind of mud you step into and can't see your feet.  There were big, wet, slippery tree roots everywhere.  There were big boulders we had to climb over.  We had to cross a stream two times.  We had to climb many, many steps and quite a few very steep ones, too. 

Poor shoes.

A few of those monster roots.

Only one of the many times we climb up and over boulders.

First time crossing the stream.

Even though this ended up being no beginner hike and especially not ideal for a 4 year old, we went ahead and hiked it. The whole way to the waterfall and back, Rachel never once complained, acted exhausted, or short of breath - she never asked to stop and rest.  I actually had to tell her we were stopping for a water break.  She was such a trooper.  At one point in the hike, we were going up some pretty steep steps and a boy (around age 9) passed us.  He was huffing and puffing.  This was a moment that I was especially proud of Rachel.  She hiked this trail like it was no big deal; except for the mud - she had issues with all the mud. ha. So, that day I felt like she conquered CF along with that "beginner" hike.  What a great day and adventure we had. 

Yay!  I did it!

I was expecting a little more for the hike we made!
But it's still pretty.

Water dripping into the stream.

Don't know what this is, but it looked neat.

Pretty flower.

View from the top.

Such a beautiful place.

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  1. Ryder and I hiked the same "beginner" trail in Sept. Lots of mud, and slippery tree roots,but had a good time. Pictures are great. Sounds like she was a real trooper and you guys had a great time!