Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where's My Script?

Oh, dear.  Frustrations with the pharmacy....or should I say - military pharmacy.  The doctor puts in the prescription.  You go to the pharmacy, take a number, wait and wait and wait some more (just imagine your at the DMV - now you know the pain), and then they FINALLY call your number.  Yes!  I've been chosen.  Get to the window.  Tell the window clerk or pharmacy tech or whatever they're called who the prescription is for.  Then they usually say, "Is it for the TOBI or Creon, etc.?"  I say, "Yes"   Then they go off.....WAY in the back.  Stay gone for a while longer.  Remember the long DMV like wait I already had.  It's not like in the civilian world, your doctor has put in a prescription at a pharmacy and they fill it when it comes in....so, when you get there it's ready.  Imagine that?  Anyway, all that, only to have them say, "Oh, we'll have to order that.  I'm at a hospital that has an approved by the CF Foundation CF Clinic."  It's like being at a cancer center and they don't carry the cancer medications.  Ok.  So, after two and a half years, I've grown used to this and from within the hospital, I call the pharmacy to see if the medication is in stock.  I can get this accomplished long before they get to my number.  That's the love you get with a new prescription.  So, now,...if you call in a refill....it more than likely will be just as painful.  Ok, you call in for a refill, you get this automated system, press 1 for this 2 for that, etc.  Once, you've placed your order it tells you it'll be ready the next day after a certain time (varies for the different military refill pharms.)  If your lucky, you'll get a person that has a brain to fill the prescriptions and will call you to let you know they are out of stock and it'll be at the most a couple days.  Most of the time I get the dumbs ones....or simply the ones that don't care that you just drove 10 miles specifically for this.....not to cruise around Schofield Barracks.  lol  After many a headaches and telling the pharmacy staff how sorry their system is, I'm armed with direct phone lines (lucky pharmacy staff, huh. ha) and a new system for obtaining the much needed prescriptions for my little girl. 

New Prescriptions -
1.  If it's a med. Rachel's never had before, I ask her doctor, "Is this medication a rare one or do you believe it'll be in stock?"  If the doctor sounds unsure, I call the pharm. (All hospitals numbers are always with me in a day planner specifically for Rachel's appointments and care.)
2.  If I get to the pharm. and the staff tells me we only have x amount of the medication.  I have them double check that it is clear in the computer that we are leaving with a partial fill & I try to make sure that they have it right, so when I call in to that fabulous refill system, I can get the rest. (it's still hit or miss if they do it right)

Refills -
1.  After calling in a refill, on the day and after pickup time (Rachel's meds should now be ready), I always call (the direct line) and ask that it's ready....not just ask that it's ready but physically in the box ready for me to take.....and yes there is a story there! lol

So, the bottom line is, I must never go to the pharmacy without having called first and speak to a living soul. 

After Rachel's diagnosis, I would have never dreamed we would have never ending battles with pharmacy and hospital staff.  I'm just amazed and not in the good way. Anyway, I just had to vent!


  1. I have faith that you will eventually wear them down with common sense! It is ridiculous that you have to go through this anywhere..but certainly not at a CF Center.

  2. I'm reading through your blog as we consider requesting to be stationed in HI, and I'm hoping this system has improved since it was posted! Agh!