Thursday, October 6, 2011

Auntie Outruns CF In AZ

Aunt Chris at Pinnacle Peak.

A couple days ago I got an email with pics from Aunt Chris telling me about how she hiked for "Outrun CF".  She hiked 3.5 miles at Pinnacle Peak that had lots of ups and downs. She had mentioned to me a couple months ago that she wanted to run, walk, or hike on the same day as us for Outrun CF.  I was so excited to find out she hiked for Rachel and CF awareness.  It makes me teary thinking about it because Outrun CF day has become a very special day for us. 
It's amazing how something so simple can mean so much. 
Thank you Aunt Chris, we love you.
Maybe one of these years we can "Outrun CF" all together.

Looks like she's ready to kick CF butt!

She's awesome!

That little bitty pink dot is Aunt Chris.
What a beautiful place to hike.

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