Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'll Do It For The Dippin' Dots!

Honolulu Zoo

The day after the Zumba fundraiser Rachel was going to go to a CF surfing event. As it turned out,  it had to postponed due to bad surfing/weather conditions.  She was bummed.  I told her I would do something special and fun for her.  My fun thing was to take her to the zoo.  The windy, bad surfing weather made it a great day for the zoo.  It wasn't blazin' hot like it usually is there. 

We get there and go to the bird section first because the last few times we went there was a peach faced lovebird that would come right up to the cage after we "tweeted" to it.  We were disappointed to discover that it has been moved and no more lovebird to "tweet" with.  Boo. 

After the bird section, Rachel was ready to go straight to the reptile house to see the one and only snake on the island.  Of course it was coiled up in the corner.  She could see just a little of it's pattern.  She really likes snakes right now.  She thinks they're cute.  Whatever, I don't get it. 

After our visit with the snake, we made it through the rest of the zoo. All the animals were doing they're job - performing and posing for the camera great!

giant tortoise


pretty peacock.  Rachel loves these too

zebra...this one is for me...kinda like a striped horse. lol

at the keiki zoo

Now, after seeing all the animals including the petting zoo and going back to check on the snake, we were ready for a snack.  Rachel saw the Dippin' Dots stand and wanted that for her snack.  I asked her if she had any water left. Of course, no, she drank it all.  I was low on cash and honestly didn't want to pay over $2 for a bottled water just for her to take one enzyme....so, I say, "Do you think you can swallow your pill with spit?"  I wish you could have seen the look on her face.  She gave me a glazed over look.  I said smiling, "I'm serious. Do you think you can?" She goes, "I think so."  I say, "Alright.  Start saving up your spit!" She giggles and says, "I'll make spit.  I know how.  You go like this."  I get a nice demonstration from her.  I say, "Rachel, you are so awesome."  I get her the enzyme and down it goes;  no problem with spit.  I get us our Dippin' Dots and bon appetit.

This was a day to remember. 
Rachel was at the Honolulu Zoo the first time she swallowed a pill with spit!
I just love her so much.

sweet, easy, fun lovin' Rach

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