Sunday, December 4, 2011

Zumba for CF

Wow!  A lot has happened since the last post.  We've been so busy and our computer died.  Busy - being serious about exercise, Thanksgiving, snow.....yep you heard me....snow (a truck load was dumped at our church), decorating for Christmas, and Zumba for CF with Lindsey Taylor. 
Ok, so the Zumba for CF thing came about after our Great Strides Walk 2011.  I met Lindsey's brother at a CF education day at Tripler.  He said he wanted to help with Great Strides.  So, I got in touch with him and he helped out with Great Strides.  A few weeks or so after the walk, he asked me if I would be interested in a Zumba fundraiser for CF.  Of course, you know me, I love an idea that will generate funds to support finding a cure for CF.  I was however a little worn out from Great Strides and the thought of helping to put something else together was not really all that appealing.  So, I said, "If we can work together.  I don't really want to do it by myself."  Plus, you know, I'm just now beginning to get the hang of what I'm doing for Great Strides.  I had no clue how to put together a Zumba event.  He agreed and said we'd work together.  Perfect!
To make a long story short, Lindsey ended up contacting some local Zumba instructors and they planned the whole thing and no one needed a thing from me.  The only thing I did was spread the word.  I felt bad but honestly was relieved since I was clueless. 
The event was perfect!
It was at the Waikiki Shell on November 26th.
I can't say Thank You enough to everyone involved in making this successful event happen.

Lindsey Taylor

Rachel and her friends

Rachel and her friends

Lindsey, Rachel, and I after Zumba for CF
"Thank You" to everyone who made this event happen.
You are awesome!

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