Thursday, January 5, 2012


Today was a pretty good day.  Rachel had kindergarten, hatched a butterfly (so cool), went to gymnastics & finished the day at Red Lobster.  Rachel is still doing absolutely great with her health.

I'm just kinda...well, blah. 

Like I said we had a great day, but I think my blah-ness started this afternoon when I called in refills for 8 of Rachel's 10 prescription maintenance medications.  Like I've said before, I'm grateful for them and would be a crazy lunatic  crazier lunatic if I had no meds for my sweetheart, but it's just "not normal". 

Then at gymnastics, a few logs were added to my blah fire when I heard Rachel tell her coach that there was a girl in her class coughing.  I've explained to her coaches that she has CF, the dangers of her being around anyone sick, and simply asked that if anyone in class has cold symptoms to separate Rachel from the potentially sick kid (it could always be allergies, but I don't know).  I've also told Rachel to watch out for coughing or "sick" looking kids and to let the coaches know in case they aren't aware.  You know Rach and I have super special radar eyes, ears, & noses for things like spotting a runny nose or honing in on whose coughing or smelling a cigarette from a mile away.  The coach did keep her and the coughing, runny nose girl separated which was great but this is another "not normal" thing. 

I love my Rach and wouldn't trade her for anything.  She's the best kid in the entire sweet, funny, so very thoughtful and her smile will melt your heart.

So, all I really have to say is be very, very thankful for your health and your kids.

I treated Rach to "A Cup of Tea" tearoom.
December 2011

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