Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Fundraising Approach

     So, now that it's 2012, I'm in the beginning stages of planning for my annual Great Strides (GS) kick-off party......with a twist.  I'm planning a chili cook-off/GS kick-off party/fundraiser.  I know very little about hosting a chili cook-off, but I think with knowing "very little" will be enough for me.  :)  The plan is to have a small chili cook-off entry fee (maybe a dessert contest too) and information about GS & brainstorming with volunteers and friends.  The idea behind this is to get more people here.  I figured, if it was more "fun"by having a little competition more people would want to come.  I also figured it opened the door to get some of hubby's friends and co-workers here.  So, I'm thinking - hoping - it will be fun, raise a few extra bucks for our GS team, Rachel's Rangers, and raise awareness for CF.  I'll be sure to let you know how it goes......fingers are crossed!   Also....I'm open to any ideas. 

The big day!

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