Friday, April 6, 2012

Great Kid Equals Happy Mommy

Rachel had gymnastics on Wednesday and a lot of times we eat supper out after gymnastics.  This Wednesday I (Russ was out of town) treated Rachel to one of her favorite restaurants, Dixie Grill.  I figured it'd be fun and a nice treat to celebrate her recent promotion to the next class in gymnastics.  We sat outside.....Rachel loves to sit outside to eat and play in the sand box while we wait for our food.  It was just a regular kinda night for us.  I did notice at one point there were two naughty boys in the sand box.  And by the way, calling them naughty is being nice! Later when we were getting ready to leave, this man and his wife stopped me just to tell me how well behaved Rachel is.  I told them "Thank you. I appreciate that."  Boy do I love hearing that.  I have to give some of the credit to that book I'm always raving about Parenting Children with Health Issues.  I read it when Rachel was just a baby and got a lot of great parenting tips.  If you haven't read it, I strongly recommend it. So anyway, back to my topic.....Rachel.  Hears to my sweet "Southern Belle" Rachel.  Gotta love Rach!

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