Friday, June 29, 2012

Trip to the Mainland - Part 2

After the 2 week visit with my sister and her family, Rach, Phillip (my nephew), and I headed for TN to see Mom.  We landed in Nashville late at night and got a hotel near the airport.  The next morning Mom picked us up and the fun began.  We started out shopping in Nashville, then we stopped by my friend, Shanee's house, and finally moseyed on to Mom's house in west TN.  While we were at Mom's, we tended to chickens and Smokey (the horse), went shopping at antique stores, caught lightening bugs, went for a walk to pick wildflowers (& thought we were going to get chased by a donkey!), ate some dang good Southern food (at Mom's and a BBQ joint), and just hung out around the house.  I really did hate to leave Mom and Mike (aka P-pop)....and TN.

On this TN, trip Rach did miss a couple treatments due to the travel schedule.  So, for the entire 3 week trip, I don't think that's too bad. 

Just like on our visit to my sister's.....I have a bunch of pics to share!

My friend Shanee and I....catching up.

Rach and Granny in the strawberry patch.

P-pop brought Smokey to the front porch.

Rach helping Granny make coleslaw.

Walking to pick wildflowers......

...and the donkey we thought was going
to come over the fence to chase us!

Rach and Smokey.

I grilled the supper.

Phillip and P-pop back from a drive.

P-pop working on the driveway.

Phillip riding the little kid bike.

Rach and a newborn chick.

P-pop and Rach....up to something.

Rach and Phillip having a pillow fight.

Phillip slinging Rach around the floor.

Rach trying to sling Phillip.

I got in on it......

....and got dumped on the floor.
Rach and Granny.
2 super sweet gals!

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