Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Glue Test

A few weeks ago Rachel had to get glucose test done.  She did great.  She sat still for the blood draw and didn't scream or cry.  Just the other day, (I suppose she was thinking about it) she says to me, "You know, it kinda hurt when she took that thing off my arm."  I, rather confused, ask, "What are you talking about?"  Rachel says, "The other day when I was getting the glue test."  I respond, "What glue test?"  Rach goes, "The glue test when I had to drink that drink."  It's then, (as Rachel would say), I got a lightbulb!  I smile, sort of chuckle, and say, "Rachel is was a glucose test not glue test.....and I bet it did hurt some when took the needle out of your were so perfectly still for the blood draw and that was fantastic!"  Glue silly girl.  This reminds me of the time she told me she wanted to wear the new dress I got her from "Japanese".  I told her,  "Rachel, it's Gymboree!  Silly girl.  Gymboree!"  We laughed over that one for a long time.

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