Thursday, June 20, 2013

I "Heart" Chest Therapy

Aah.  The soothing sound of chest therapy!

The first time Rachel did chest therapy with Amelia home......Amelia was out like a light!  It works just about every time.  I was not really surprised that the chest therapy machine made her fall asleep.  It was the volume blasting on the tv that I thought would bother her.  I suppose Amelia was used to hearing the chaos for 9 months.  So, now, if Amelia is fussy and it's close to chest therapy time, I ask Rachel to go ahead and do chest therapy to  help Amelia fall asleep.  Rachel is more than happy to help (my sweet girl).  We have a win, win, win here.  Rachel gets chest therapy done (kicks CF butt), Rachel helps baby sis and Mom, and baby sis falls asleep.  That's why I "Heart" Chest Therapy!

1 comment:

  1. about making lemonade! What a great way for Rachel to feel helpful with Amelia!