Friday, June 21, 2013

Outrun CF Summer 2013

The Outrun CF virtual run was supposed to be June 1.  Rachel and I got our shirts on time but for some reason Russ' came late.  Go figure.  We did our Outrun CF on Saturday June 8.  I had forgot to mention it in my "Catch Up" post.  It was a low key run this time.  I didn't plan any super exciting route like I had could read about those here.  We did a round trip of 4 miles.  Russ and I on foot with Amelia in the jogger stroller and Rachel with her scooter.  Even though it was through our neighborhood, Rachel was more than thrilled with the turn around spot!

Keep Calm and Outrun CF

Rach "scootering"
close to a mile in

the turn around spot......
frozen yogurt store

so ono!

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