Thursday, August 19, 2010

CF Doesn't Hold Her Back!

When I think about Rachel, hmmm...all I can think is "WOW".  Let's see, she's 4 and has experienced so much.  She's taken advantage of many opportunities than have come her way.  She is such a spirited girl....and a bit of a "thrill junkie".  She's been on more than 10 flights, she's been surfing with the pros, bungie jumping (kiddie style), swimming with dolphins, fed birds from her hands, adult rides at Disneyland (if she was tall enough she was on it) -the faster the better,.....I could go on and on.  I just pray that she continues this trend and doesn't let CF get in her way.  I pray she stays healthy to continue on these wild adventures!!!

Go Rachel!  Keep it up Babe! 

bungie jumping in Pittsburgh

feeding birds at the aviary in Pittsburgh

Old Pali Road hike on Oahu

Great Strides walk Honolulu 2009

Waimea Falls hike

surfing with Mauli Ola Foundation on CF Surf Day 2009

surfing with Mauli Ola Foudation on CF Surf Day 2009

getting her bounce on at gymnastics


at the aquarium in Maui

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