Sunday, August 29, 2010

Positive Affirmations Are Powerful

     I wanted to tell you about a simple, but powerful thing I do with Rachel.  I whisper positive affirmations in her ear while she's doing chest therapy.  It just hit me one day.  I thought, "Rachel might like to hear what a great job she does.".  I know I feel good when someone says something positive or good about me.  So, here are some things I say to her while she's doing her chest therapy or if she brings up anything in regards to CF --

1.  Rachel, you do such a fabulous job taking care of your body.
2.  That is a perfect "huff and cough"!
3.  You should be so proud of yourself.  You are doing a great job with your new nebulizer.  That's big girl stuff!
4.  You really know how to kick mucus butt!  I know mucus is shaking in it's shoes.
5.  I notice what an awesome job you do keeping your body healthy.
6.  You rock, Rachel.
7.  You are so smart.  You know exactly what it takes to stay healthy.
8.  Great job asking for enzymes.
9.  You are awesome!  You just swallowed 2 big pills at once!  Mommy can't do that.
10.  Wow! You ate all your supper! Now your body will have lots of energy to fight CF.

   So, this is just something a came up with......I'm sure there's someone out there that discovered it before me (ha), but this version I came up with.  I hope it can help.

practicing the nebulizer without the mask

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