Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When You Play House With A Little Girl That Has CF.....

Cookin' Up Something Great
The other day I was cleaning out the spare bedroom and found a my little play apron my mom had made for me when I was a little girl.  I showed it to Rachel and she said she wanted to wear it and "cook" us something in her kitchen.  I tied it on her.....and she looked so cute I must say.  Off she went to her room.  I could hear dishes clinking and food "cooking" on her stove.  She comes back maybe 10 minutes later and gives me pretend juice.  She says, "Here Mommy.  I brought you some juice.  I thought you might be thirsty.  Now, don't drink it all because you have to save some for enzymes."  Boy that sounds familiar.  (smile on my face)  So, I only took a sip or two.....just as I was told.  Then here she comes with "food" on a plate.  "It looks delicious!", I say to her.  I start to "eat" and she quickly says, "Don't forget your enzymes!  You don't want a tummy ache."  I said, "You're right!  Thanks for reminding me.  Ok, can I have my enzymes?"   Then she hands me "enzymes" and says, "Mommy they're just pretend."  We both took our pretend enzymes and ate our pretend food (with lots of calories) and nobody got a pretend tummy ache!  Only from a child with CF.

Time to Eat

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