Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Outrun CF - Island Style

Lagoons at Ko'Olina.

What? - Outrun CF
Who? - Rachel, Mommy (me), and friends
When? - March 20, 2011
Where? - Ko' Olina Resort, Oahu, HI
Why? - To beat the snot out of CF!

   Yawn.  Stretch. Ugh...it was early.  Up at 5am, Sunday, March 20, 2011.  Out of bed, got dressed in our gear, packed the water & snacks, and threw in some beach stuff.  Rachel did her chest therapy and breathing treatments.  I fixed a bit of breakfast.  Whew. Ready to go.  We got in the car, headed to the location. We had the sunroof open and music going.  We were pumped!

I'm ready baby!
Mommy and Rachel
Race route - lagoon 4 to lagoon 1 & walk back.
Pre-race warm-up.
Rachel insisted on saying, "Get ready, set, go!"
She ran....
And ran her little heart out.
Madison, Shanna, & Martha
part of our support & team; friends.
Presenting the Outrun trophy to Rachel. 
I did it!
She looked so proud....as she should have.
Rachel (5yrs)
 Outrun CF
March 20,2011
Ko' Olina Resort, Oahu, HI

You Are The Greatest!


  1. Those are some of the cutest pictures ever!!!


  2. Very cute! YAY! for outrunning cf! You go cutie!