Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Training for "Outrun CF" Virtual Race.

Outrun CF.... oh yea!

race route - the path through the lagoons at Ko'Olina

I'm so excited that Rachel and I are participating in something so incredible.  It's the first Outrun CF race.  We're actually doing a "virtual" race.  The main race is a half marathon taking place in Grosse Isle, Michigan on March 20, 2011.  The Outrun CF event staff received a lot of mail from people saying they'd love to participate but couldn't make it to Michigan......then the virtual race was born.  In the virtual race, you run in your hometown - any route - any distance you like the same day as the half marathon.  
our Outrun CF t-shirts

Rachel and I started training February 27th.  We jog around our neighborhood, at the beach park, and just yesterday we trained at the place we're doing the run - the lagoon path at Ko'Olina Resort in Hawaii.  We're pretty pumped.  Rachel is actually starting to get excited too.  At first, she wasn't thrilled about all this jogging business, but now she's talking about how she's kicking CF butt and making her lungs strong and how CF is going to lose the race!

geez Mommy

lookin' rough but kicked CF butt that day

"my legs are so tired" - that's all she would say
it's never about being out of breath

one of the attractions at our run site
"Pirates of the Caribbean" ship, too cool

gosh, isn't training beautiful?

go, go, go, go!

Stay tuned.  The next post will feature the winners of Outrun CF.  Just a hint.....it won't be CF! 

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