Monday, March 14, 2011

What the PFT?

    A few weeks ago, Rachel had clinic.  No changes in her status.  She's still gaining weight, growing great, no coughs, no infections, etc.  Just another day here in paradise. 
    As we were nearing the end of the clinic visit, the respiratory therapist said she wanted Rachel to try doing a pulmonary lung function test (PFT).  Usually around age 5 is when that starts and Rachel was two weeks away from being 5.  So, the RT explains and demonstrates how to do the PFT.  Rachel practices a couple times and then she does it for real.  She nailed it!  Nailed it the first time.....all three times!  The reference (what they expected) for Rachel was 86%.  A healthy person would be expected to score 80% or better.  She scored 90-100% all three times.  She increasingly did better with each turn. 
   I was impressed & so was the doctor.  His exact words were, "These results are impressive!"  Rachel just amazes me.  Needless to say, we celebrated that afternoon.
   What will Rachel "make it look so easy" next?  Who knows, but I can hardly wait to see!

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