Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eventful Weekend Ahead

I'm super excited about our upcoming weekend.  Mauli Ola is hosting CF Surf Education Day.  So, Rachel will get to see Gavin Beschen.  She surfed with him last surf day and, well, all I hear is Gavin this and Gavin that.  All I have to say is, "He better be there on Friday or Rachel will be very disappointed."  We just love Mauli Ola's surf day.

Rach and Gavin
Dec. 2010

Carvin' it up!
Dec. 2010
So, we have surf day Friday and then Saturday is the Great Strides Walk Honolulu.  I've been working on getting the walk together with CFF San Diego and some friends that have joined the GS volunteer committee.  I'm a extra happy about the walk this year for two reasons; #1 we've already raised more that we did last year and it's not even walk day and #2 I get to walk this year; CFF is sending someone from their office.  I'm very excited to get to participate and walk that symbolic walk with my Rachel.  Yay for Great Strides. 

GS Walk 2009
I do what I do for my Rachel.  She's my baby and I just want her to have a happy, healthy, long life.  Check out our Great Strides homepage and if you have a few bucks to spare, we'd really be grateful for your support.  As, it stands right now, we are $270 away from meeting our $3,000 goal.  Great things are happening in the CF community right now.  I strongly feel that someday soon, that a cure for CF will no longer be a dream, but will in fact be a reality. 

My princess. 

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