Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Why Does She Take Pills When She Eats?"

Jada with a beautiful smile.
Rachel smiling with a green bean in the space
where there was once a tooth.

   Yesterday was a state holiday and schools were closed.  Rachel had a friend over for a play date.  They got into just about everything.  You would of thought I was back in Tennessee and a tornado came through the house.....well, maybe just upstairs.  They had so much fun.  They played Barbies and dress-up.  They played in Rachel's play kitchen and played house.  They did hair and nails in the OoLaLa Salon.  I promised the girls I'd take them to the playground, but it would be after lunch.  So, that brings us to lunch.  Neat ...how I led us right there, huh?  I had both girl's plates and drinks ready, but of course there were pills out at Rachel's plate.  The girls sat down and blessed their food.  Then Rachel's friend, Jada asks, "Why does Rachel always take pills when she eats?"  I pause for a minute and almost tell her.  Then I think, "Maybe I should give Rachel the opportunity to tell her friend.  I know she's capable."  So I say, "Rachel, do you want to tell Jada why you take these pills?"  Of course, if you know Rachel, she says, "Ok!"  "Jada, people with CF have trouble digesting their food and that's why they have to take enzymes."  I couldn't have said it better!  I only followed up with "Those pills are called enzymes."  Rachel's sweet  friend then says, "I have to take vitamins, nose spray, and cough syrup...I don't like the cough syrup."  How sweet of her trying to relate to Rachel.  I was so proud of Rachel.  She was more than happy to explain it to her friend and is not ashamed or embarrassed.  In our house we get up in CF's face and let 'em have it!..........That's how we roll!

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