Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Great Strides & CF Surf Day

Rachel and a few of her friends
at her poster along the walk route.

Saturday was the Great Strides walk and it was a pretty good day.  All my friends showed up early and ready to help.  Maria from the CF Foundation was here and what a relief that was for me.  I didn't have to do nearly as much and it was helpful to have another person to answer questions. 

My team "Rachel's Rangers" raised the most.  We raised as of today $5,619!  That's simply amazing if you ask me.  It's the most my team has ever raised.  I'm moved by the generosity of everyone that donated their money and time to our team and this walk. 

Below are a few pics I took with my camera. 

Rach trying to convince me
she needs a rest.
Didn't work!

Star Wars gang

I'm pretty sure Russ
pushed a few kids out of the way
to get in line first!

Me, Russ, Rachel with
Dr. Doan

Rachel and the Mucus Mob
(Tripler's Great Strides team)

Mom's ....
Where we had lunch after the walk.

So good....tastes like I was eating at my mom's house.
This is good Southern cookin'.

Rach and me
she's give me lots of good lovin's

Sunday was Mauli Ola Foundation's CF Surf Day for CF.  Rachel loves going surfing with these guys.  Well, actually she loves surfing with Kala Alexander and Gavin Beschen, to the point that she'll wait until they're available.  The surf event was at Queen's Beach in Waikiki.  We got there a little before nine and signed in.  Mauli Ola gave all the participants gifts.  They are so generous.  Rachel (and I feel the same way) was happy with the surfing, but they went the extra mile and gave everyone with CF participating a gift box. 

Below are a few pics to show how special and fun the day was.

The surfers

Kala and Rach
I know she's happy!
...and in good hands.

Rach up on the board.
With Kala.

Rach trying to help Kala paddle.

Looking at Rachel's hand gestures...
there's to telling what she's saying.

Rachel and Kala

Rach and Gavin
He's got her shirt here.

Rach and Gavin
She's getting a little better.

Look at her! 
She's got it perfect here!

Rachel getting a Hawaiian healing ti leaf.

Rach and a Hawaiian medicine man.
(I think)

We ate lunch at Hard Rock Cafe Waikiki
after surfing.

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