Friday, May 25, 2012

Clinic Visit & CF Education Day

Rachel had clinic Wednesday.  It was a great check-up for her.  She grew and gained 3 pounds.  Her pfts are fantastic.  While it was a great check-up, we were kinda sad because her pulmonologist is p.c.s.'ing (military talk for moving).  He has been her clinic doctor for over 4 years and has done a fantastic job.  He seems to know her well and she has grown to be very comfortable with him.  Because we knew he was leaving for a few months we made him some going away gifts (a denim rag quilt, photo album, watercolor painting and some candy)....and we took the whole CF clinic team goodies that were CF related because May is CF awareness month.  It's our way to show appreciation to them for helping to keep my sweet Rach healthy.

The denim rag quilt we made her doctor.
We found out his favorite color is hunter green.

Rachel made this watercolor blow painting.
We felt it was a cute CF related art project.

Rachel turned out to be
a very good cupcake decorator!

I found these pretty red rose
cupcake liners.

Our "65 roses" made from
Hershey's Hugs & Kisses! 


  1. Hello Sherry, I am new to this blog thing, but had to comment when I seen it. I am a CF mom also. My daughter has it, and we can totally relate to how you felt about her Dr. leaving. We live in MI, and when my daughters specialist left we were pretty much devastated. He had taken care of her since she was 21 months and she was then almost 21. Luckily we found him and he continues to see her at his private practice to this day. It is so great to feel comfortable with someone. I hope you guys get a new Dr. that you like and are comfortable with I personally know how important that is!

    1. Aloha! I'm happy you stopped by and left a comment. I'm happy your daughter still managed to get to see her doctor.